This is a short workshop (a companion to the R session) providing some basics of Network Analysis for researchers interested in Higher and Post-secondary Education. The presentation provides an example of how to construct an adjacency matrix using a co-author network composed of faculty in the Center for the Study of Higher and Post-Secondary Education at the University of Michigan.

I share the materials from the workshop here as a starting point– if your interest in network analysis is sufficiently sparked, you might continue with the Social Network Analysis in R and SONIA labs created by the Stanford Network Analysis Group at Stanford.

Demonstration Script and Data:

1- Please fill out the participant ID spreadsheet and the Sender Receiver List

*This is only for putting together the network

2- RScript for workshop participant network: [SNAworkshop.R]

3- Edgelist for workshop participant network:[edgelist]

4- Node Info for workshop participant network: [nodeInfo]

Take Home Practice Script:

RScript: [Faculty Citation Analysis.R]

Co-Citation Matrix: [Faculty Adjacency Matrix]

Node Information: [nodeInfo]

Partial version of the presentation [Slidedeck]