Below are resources from some recent talks:

Campus Ecological Networks: Understanding Patterns in Relationships in Learning, Identity, and Equity in College. 12/11/2023

Curriculum and Consequence: Learning, Inequality, and Policy at University of Wisconsin, Madison. 12/01/2023

Brown, M.G. (2017, November). If you build it, they will break it: Students’ novel use of study technology. University of Michigan Foundational Course Initiative Seminar (Center for the Research on Teaching and Learning).

Brown, M. G., DeMonbrun, R. M., & Teasley, S. D. (2017, March). Don’t call it a comeback: academic recovery and the timing of educational technology adoption. In Proceedings of the Seventh International Learning Analytics & Knowledge Conference (pp. 489-493). ACM.

Brown, M. G., DeMonbrun, R. M., Lonn, S., Aguilar, S. J., & Teasley, S. D. (2016, April). What and when: the role of course type and timing in students’ academic performance. In Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge (pp. 459-468). ACM.